The idea behind this blog started as a result of prayer for Prime Minister Cameron in February 2016, in his meetings with the EU on renegotiating UK’s membership status. The ‘fog’ we encountered trying to obtain a clear spiritual view was astonishing.  However we continued to press in through the ‘sludge’ and a position emerged.  This was expressed in the prayerletter I send out 14/5/16 [see this post].

This blog aims to explore some of these issues a little further; to share the words you are receiving; and to give some basic information on both sides of the argument, so that we are better informed.

9 thoughts on “EU REFERENDUM 2016

  1. Dear Frannie,
    I get the sense that we r called to go to the world and change it. It is time for harvest (gathering). We can’t do it from outside. The only separation needed is to the closet to seek the face of the Lord. We need to engage and let our light affect every darkness. We have the anointing to do that. No fear. I only got this impression when I started praying in response to your call to prayer. I’ll continue praying.

  2. Martin, I would go further than that and say that The Lords plan is to bring those outside Europe into it as we have failed to enable change of internal wranglings in counties outside. Not only have we failed to help by not understanding these peoples long established customs and trying to work with them but we have bullied them into becoming democracies overnight with the inevitable consequence instead of having a conversation with potential allies they are now our enemies.
    Not only that there is cival war and opportunists have come in to cause even more division.
    Millions are now fleeing from their war torn country into peaceful Europe where we have a great opportunity to show Gods love to the stranger at our gates.
    Instead of us taking the Good News to these people as missionaries The Lord is sending them to us.
    Europe is becoming a multicultural society and seeing what freedom really looks like.
    I’ve just come back from Barcelona after a short holiday where the public buildings have installed massive banners saying “We welcome immigrants to Barcelona”
    Considering Spain has 25% unemployment I reckon that’s a pretty generous offer, can we in the UK say the same?.
    Yes I feel the Lord is saying Yes to remain in generous Europe and Yes to potential immigrants.
    Had we not gone to war as Thatcher and Blaire did we probably wouldn’t be in this pickle and millions of people would still have homes and be alive today.
    This capitalist society will be its ruination but I know the youth of this country will change it though their generous spirit when oldies like me are dead and buried hopefully I’ll be alive to see it.
    Your brother in Christ, Clive

    1. Hello Clive, Thank for your contribution. A lot of what you say makes sense. I wonder, though, if continuously debating the pros & cons is going to get us to our destination? That destination being, in my view, the plans & purposes of God for UK at this time. What is being spoken out around the throne of heaven concerning us at this time? I would far rather seek to push into that aspect.

      I very much concur with Martin’s comment about the importance of seeking the face of the Lord.

      Let’s continue to discuss & share!

      Every Blessing,

      1. Hi Frannie

        Your email was a breath of fresh air, and I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s funny – in spite of everything I’ve been engaged in over the years, not least Target Europe – deep down my ‘gut’ has always said that we shouldn’t be part of the EU. However, with the referendum looking I confess to having been feeling somewhat at a loss. The arguments are absolutely ridiculous – each side simply contradicting the other or trying to scare people to their view. Yet so much of what is being said is purely speculative, as no-one can definitely ‘know’ what is going to ensure, they can only seek to judge. It reminds me of Y2K and all the hysteria leading up to what proved to be one of the great anti-climaxes ever!

        Anyway Frannie – just to say I very much appreciate the view you have laid out and the wisdom underlying it. Count me iin.

        Much love


  3. I feel so inspired to pray. It has lightened the load considerably to remember it’s best to leave things up to God who does all things well. I am very happy for Him to overrule the voting.

    1. yes! I do feel also that I think God wants us to partner with Him in this decision. That is: we join our wills in oneness with His will in the matter. As together we stand for His will, His purposes for UK & Europe, whatever the outcome in the natural, I think we’ll find that we can operate for the kingdom in either scenario.

  4. Whilst praying about Brexit, I have been brought to Ezra 1 and reminded of the UK’s history. This is where Cyrus declares that he has been given a command by the LORD to build Him a house. Cyrus’ response is send Israel back to Jerusalem to fulfil the command. The UK had a mandate 100 years ago to expedite and establish the Jewish state in Israel. Our nation’s will at the time caused us to largely fail and cause many issues that last till today. Could it be that in the LORD’s mercy He will restore the nation to its calling? So whilst I have deep seated view of the EU which I share regularly and passionately with God, the higher purposes and calling of The LORD for the UK have to be final way to pray: yet not my will but yours.

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